Warmer weather is approaching fast; that means it’s time to take charge, get your muscle car out of storage, and give it a flawless finish for spring.

If you want to keep your muscle car looking like a million bucks, you’re going to have to know how to spring clean your classic hot rod. Cold temperatures can take a toll on everything, so it’s always a good idea to give your investment a thorough once-over to undo any damage caused by winter.

Begin by parking your car away from the direct sunlight. We do not advise for you to wash your car under direct sunlight; doing this can do some damage to your superior paint job. Start early in the morning or late in the afternoon and find a shady place to wash and make sure that your auto’s powerful engine has cooled down before you start. Pressure wash your muscle car down to make sure any large pieces of dirt, debris, or salt from winter are all washed off. Make sure you include areas like underneath the car, wipers, and in your tires. Use a car washing solvent and microfiber cloth to wash your car. Mix it around in a bucket of lukewarm water until the water generates suds. Use your high-quality pressure washer again after to make sure all the soap and suds come off. Dry off your car using a clean, cotton towel. You should see at least a little bit of dirt on the cloth when you are all done.


Pressure Washer for Cars

Classic cars are high-quality vehicles so your investment should get cleaned up by a pressure washer that is an equal in power and excellence. A Power Play Pressurejet pressure washer dominates over the competition. Use it to shake off winter and get your car in shape for high-speed drives this spring. By keeping your muscle car in good shape and clean, you can show it the respect that it deserves. You’ll be able to proudly show it off around town because it’s looking polished and beautiful. Keep these things in mind when you’re cleaning your classic muscle car.


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