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PressureJet PJX is the perfect choice for those requiring big muscle and reliability for longs hours of extended usage. Perfect for professional car wash bays and industrial application requiring floor mount pressure washers, and designed to work in series with multiple units “Stacked” to save space, or as a stand alone unit. With power choices starting at 1.5 HP to 5 HP, in 120V, 240v in single phase, 208V to 600 volt, 3 phase. Pressure range from 1000 to 2500 PSI, with flow up to 4 GPM. PressureJet PJX is built using best in class components, featuring rebuildable triplex severe duty commercial pumps.  Optional Trigger actuated automatic on/off switch allows the pump to shut off while machine is not in use. Customer designed PLC control panels are available to maximize the power of these machines. PressureJet can handle any stationary cleaning job. Equipped with a pro style gun, lance, 5 spray tips. For those that want the best in the industry has to offer, PJX is it!

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gas powered pressure washers gas pressure washers gas powered pressure washers

Perfect for

  • Professional - Commercial use designed to floor mount
  • Units may be stacked vertically to save space in tight spaces
  • Rugged design built to withstand severe duty use

Key features

  • Power ranging from 1.5 HP to 5 HP, in 120V, 240V in Single Phase, 208V to 600 V with 3 Phase
  • Pressure range from 1000 to 2500PSI, with flow up to 4 GPM
  • Programmable PLC controls with intelligent service systems

PSI GPM Engine Brand and Model Pump Brand and Type Vendor Part # Technical Specifications
1500 2.1 Omni Drive 120V 2HP AR Triplex pump with Unloader PJS15O21 Download


2000 3.6 Omni Drive 240V 5HP AR Triplex Pump with Unloader PJS20O36 Download



  • 1 - year limited commercial warranty
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“Powerplay™ is designed by a group of passionate enthusiasts. The pressure washer designs are unique; the power washers are bold, while caring craftsmen complete the hand built process”. These power washers are built with our exclusive Anti Vibration System, that virtually eliminates chassis movement while machine is in operation. Extremely well balanced, machines are easily handled in any type of tight spaces.